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Five Tips For Running A Successful Etsy Shop

If you love vintage items or if you are a crafter, then the online store concept that Etsy offers might be an opportunity for you to sell your items.  Etsy is a website that helps you open your own “shop” and sell what you make or vintage items that you collect.  Etsy charges a small fee for each item you list and then another fee for when you sell an item.  If you are interested in opening your own shop, you should thoroughly explore the Etsy website and decide if you want to jump in and become a shop owner.  If you do decide to take that plunge, this article is intended to provide you with five initial tips that can help make your venture successful.

1)      Take the time to determine if the items you want to sell are unique or if hundreds of other Etsy shops are selling the same things you plan on offering.  It is better to compete with just a few stores than with hundreds who are all selling the same thing.  Keep in mind that you want to make an item that has your personal touch and does not look like it was mass produced.  If you are going to sell vintage items, make sure they are of  good quality and in very good to excellent condition.

2)      Select a name for your store that is original and that shows a side of your personality.  As you set up your store, there is a page for you to create your profile, and you should use that opportunity to tell your story and explain the name of your shop.  Buyers want a connection with the seller, and they will read your profile with interest.  Etsy also provides you with an “About” section where you can write a more in-depth description of yourself, your store and how you make or find your items; plus, you can include photos of yourself and your work areas.  People truly want to see the person who is behind the store and you will be more successful if you introduce yourself in a friendly, informative manner.

3)      You must take clear, well composed and engaging photographs of your items.  This is extremely important because people simply will not buy from your store if the photos are poorly presented and look amateurish.  There is too much competition on Etsy for you to skimp on this step.  Your photos are all the potential buyers have to go on as they can’t pick up and examine your items the way they would in a brick and mortar store.  However, if you aren’t a professional photographer, don’t despair.  Etsy provides many tutorials on how to compose and take good quality photos, and you simply need to set aside the time to study and practice the techniques.  Some people even take classes to learn the tricks of the trade, so that they can learn lighting and composition.  It is well worth the time.

4)      Describe your items by using accurate, lively nouns and adjectives and provide product details with accurate measurements.  Brainstorm and don’t leave out information.  Tell them what materials you used to make the product.  Again, people can’t actually touch and look at your items, so you have to give them the information they need to buy your creation.  For each item you list,  Etsy gives you thirteen “tags” to use to describe your item.  Make good use of those tags, as that is how the search engines direct searches to your shop.  Spend time looking at items in other stores that are of the same general type as your items and see what tags they are using.  Do not skimp on the time it takes to think up tags, and never leave a tag unused.

5)      Work up to having at least 100 items in your store.  This doesn’t mean that you have to start with 100 items, but it is the lowest goal that you should strive for and always remember that more is better.  Your shop will get more hits as you add items, and more hits means more sales.  Many of the successful shops often have well over 200 items on display.

These are five beginner, but very important, steps to take towards making your Etsy shop a success.  What starts out as a hobby or a part-time venture on Etsy can turn into a full-time business if you are passionate and serious about making it work.  Just think, you could work full-time at doing something you love in the comfort of your own home.