Buying or Selling Art on Etsy

Buying and Selling Art on Etsy

Buying and selling creative works of art, from paintings to handmade cards to decorative vases to stunning jewelry, cannot be easier when you use Etsy. Similar to eBay in design and ease, buying and selling art on Etsy will leave you excited and anxious to use it time and time again.

Etsy opened its virtual doors in 2005, and millions of people from all around the globe visit the auction site to purchase a wide variety of goods. Buying arts and crafts from Etsy is very simple, as is selling your own creative projects.

Buying art on Etsy:

The creators of Etsy wanted a fun and easy-to-navigate site for people to view a wide variety of products and that’s what happened. The platform is similar to eBay in design, with items being placed under an assortment of categories. Browsing these categories is very simple and fast.

There is a search box at the top of the page. So, if you are looking for a glass vase, simply type in ‘glass vase’ in the search box and click on search. You will get a list of items which match your description. Then you can click on the item and decide if you want to purchase it or not. Simple.

Using Geolocator, you can search for art sellers who live close to your own location. This is very handy if you are purchasing bigger items such as decorative screens, paintings or even sculptures as it would save you a fortune in shipping and handling costs. Plus, you may even be able to meet the artist themselves.

The Etsy Time Machine is a handy tool which allows you to see recently added items to the site, progressing to older items. This could be very useful if you are interested in seeing what new items are being uploaded before everybody else gets there.

Connections is where you can view what other people are interested in. When you save something as your favorite, it can be saved in the Connections section. This allows people then to browse items that you like, gaining inspiration for gift ideas.

Once you have decided that you wish to purchase an item, all you need to do is register a free account on Etsy. Go back to the relevant page and simply order it. If you need to ask the seller any questions or perhaps ask a special request, then you can initiate a ‘conversation’ with them. These messages are kept in your inbox until you delete them. Follow the payment instructions and the seller will ship your item to you. Upon receiving it, you should leave feedback on the seller’s profile and they will do the same for you. Other people view this feedback to determine whether you are a trustworthy buyer/seller.

Selling art on Etsy:

Selling art on Etsy is a little more complex than buying art on the site, but even then it is a simple enough process which reaches millions of people all over the world. Etsy itself is not a shop, but rather an online marketplace where vendors come together and sell their goods, just like your local market.

You should note, however, that there are two small fees to pay out when you sell your art on Etsy. You need to pay a small listing fee when you upload products to your shop, and you also have to pay a small transaction fee when a customer purchases an item from you.

In order to sell art on Etsy, you begin by setting up a seller’s account and then open a shop. This will require a credit card to do. Fill out the profile page and the shop description. This is a great way to advertise how unique you and your items are.

Then you need to list your items you wish to sell. Add a good quality photograph of the item, tags and a detailed description of the object. Also, make sure you include clear shipping costs and information, especially if you are willing to ship overseas.

The next step is to advertise your shop (through social media like Facebook or Twitter for example) and wait until an item is sold. Once the payment has cleared, you need to package the item and then ship it to the purchaser. Once your customer has received the item, leave feedback on their profile. They should leave feedback on your profile; this is important as other potential customers will read your feedback in order to determine whether you are a reliable seller.

Etsy has gained a trustworthy reputation as a reliable online marketplace for anything arty and creative. Buying and selling art on Etsy is fun, easy to do and very profitable, making it a popular venue for artists and customers alike.

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